Are You Ready to Leap?


Those Who Leap

You don’t step into the future. You leap.

When you leap, ideas become inventions. You advance all of humankind, for  generations to come. You choose courage over fear.

We’re on the precipice of one the greatest leaps of our lifetime. Wisk has been taking leaps to make all-electric, autonomous, safe, everyday flight a reality.

Only one question remains. Are you ready to leap into the future?

Commuter choosing between taxi and Cora

Those Who Leap

Nov 17, 2021 | 

How does imagination become possibility? How can ideas transform into inventions and innovations that advance all of humankind? With a Leap. Wisk’s Chief Marketing Officer, Becky Tanner talks about how current advancements will fundamentally change mobility in the very near future.

Commuter choosing between taxi and Cora

You don’t step into the future. You leap. In order to make that leap, you must first dare to do the impossible. Developing and certifying an all-electric, vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is hard. Bringing to market a fully autonomous eVTOL air taxi…

The Future of Mobility

We’re not just reshaping the daily commute, we’re taking leaps for all of humankind. Our intention is to be the first autonomous eVTOL to transform Urban Air Mobility. While many are viewing this opportunity as a race, we’re committed to taking the time necessary to ensure safe, autonomous flight. Autonomous UAM allows for greater safety, scalability, and accessibility to advance mobility for everyone. Together, we can make everyday, autonomous flight a reality.