Those Who Leap

November 17, 2021

By Becky Tanner, Chief Marketing Officer at Wisk

Over the course of history, there have been advancements that have pushed us into the future with a leap. These advancements have redefined the way we interact with each other and the world around us, while fundamentally transforming the way that we live our lives.

While these innovations are sometimes initially met with resistance, over time they become so commonplace that we’re unable to imagine life without them.

For example, the telephone. A device that began as a way to transmit a voice, has become an extension of our being. This, now necessity, started with an idea and an individual who pursued that idea in the pursuit of progress for all people.

A device that allows us to not only communicate but to access unlimited information with the tap of a screen, to monitor our health and track our activity, join video conferences, to order items and have them delivered directly to us in a matter of minutes, and to visually see friends and family across vast distances – a benefit that is uniquely important today.

Our generation has seen advancements that have brought us into an age that is more technologically advanced and connected than any generation before.
These transformative advancements and their impact on our lives would not have been possible without imagination, an idea, and a leap. A leap that transformed that idea, into innovation, invention, and advancement.

We are on the edge of another great leap. One that will take us from congested, ground-based, fossil-fuel-driven transportation, to freeing, all-electric, everyday flight.

This leap will bring new freedom and flexibility, and redefine mobility, by providing a more efficient and safer choice for travel.

Over the past decade, Wisk has designed, developed and tested 5 generations of aircraft, flown more than 1500 test flights, and transformed a vision of safe, all-electric, everyday flight into a reality. Our path toward commercial passenger service includes the development of our 6th generation aircraft.

Redefining mobility is hard. Pursuing a self-flying path is even more challenging. We are pursuing this and taking this leap for the progress of all people and for the future generations. Increased safety, flexibility, a dependable service, and choice is at the heart of all this.

It is exciting to think about my 13-year old and 11-year old and their future. Will they always own a car? Or will they only car share? Will garages become a novelty? One thing is for certain, they will have a choice and that choice must be an environmentally-conscious option.

Thanks to all of us here today, we and our future generations will have the option to use cleaner, more efficient mobility choices. I look forward to the day that I can sit with my grandchildren and tell them about how I was part of this great leap.

Let’s explore more of what’s possible and work together to create a future where imagination and ideas can become inventions and innovations that advance all of humankind. Let’s take that collective leap toward a better tomorrow.