Welcome to Wisk

What Makes Us Wisk

In 2010, a team set out to explore the possibilities of electric, vertical takeoff and landing flight. In 2019, that team and its generations of aircraft became Wisk through a joint venture between the Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation. In addition to being an investor, Boeing is also a strategic partner to Wisk, providing development, testing, and certification support.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA with locations around the world, our vision of delivering safe, everyday flight for everyone is closer than ever to becoming reality.

Group of Wisk employees in discussion

Executive Leadership

Gary Gysin, Chief Executive Officer

Gary Gysin

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Painter, Chief Financial Officer

Tyler Painter

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Tighe, Chief Technical Officer

Jim Tighe

Chief Technical Officer

Greg Bibbes, General Counsel

Greg Bibbes

General Counsel

Becky Tanner, Chief Marketing Officer

Becky Tanner

Chief Marketing Officer

Sebastien Vigneron, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Programs

Sebastien Vigneron

Senior Vice President of Engineering and Programs

Leon Villegas, Vice President, Production System

Leon Villegas

Vice President, Production System

Dan Dalton, Vice President, Global Partnerships

Dan Dalton

Vice President, Global Partnerships

Catherine MacGowan, Asia Pacific Region Director

Catherine MacGowan

Asia Pacific Region Director

Diana Bourcier, Vice President of People Operations

Diana Bourcier

Vice President of People Operations

Our Social Responsibility Commitment

We recognize that creating a new form of transportation will have an impact far beyond just our employees, partners, and future customers. We’re committed to being responsible members of the communities in which we live and will eventually serve. Starting with design and continuing through the scaling of our operations, we intend to maintain the same high standards for environmental sustainability, accessibility, and social equality that we do for everything else.
Group of Wisk employees in discussion
Group of Wisk employees in discussion

Visionaries Wanted

Are you passionate about safety, aviation, and innovation? Do you want to be part of a team that values diversity, fosters creativity, and empowers team members? Do you want to be part of history by bringing the first autonomous eVTOL air taxi to the U.S.? Make the future, your future. Apply for a role at Wisk today.