A Leap Into the Future of Urban Mobility

January 18, 2022

You don’t step into the future. You leap. In order to make that leap, you must first dare to do the impossible. Developing and certifying an all-electric, vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is hard. Bringing to market a fully autonomous eVTOL air taxi designed for passenger use is even harder. And while our competitors are flying with pilots, we are tackling the challenge of autonomy to unlock safe, accessible, all-electric flight for everyone.

For Wisk — and the industry as a whole — autonomy is the key to unlocking both the safety and the scalability of future air taxi services. Autonomy also decreases overall costs, as traditional pilot training, large onboard crew salaries, and certain design elements aren’t needed. Most importantly, no pilot means that another seat is freed up for passengers.

By focusing on autonomy before heading to market, Wisk is doing the hard part first. Maintaining safety is of the utmost importance. Our aircraft must not only navigate from point A to B using GPS, but must also detect visual traffic in the sky such as other planes, complex environments, terrain and obstacles, and dynamic weather conditions. The aircraft must also be able to recognize where it can land, whether vertiport, helipad, or runway.

At Wisk, we’re driving innovation in autonomous mobility that will not only transform the way we move, but the entire experience of moving as well. If you want to be part of shaping the future of mobility, and you share our commitment to safety, innovation and sustainability, then perhaps it’s time for you to join us in taking the leap. Together, we can explore more of what’s possible and work to create a future where imagination and ideas can become innovations that advance all of humankind. To see our open positions, visit our Careers page.

And if you’re not sure where to start, follow us on social or send us a message via the Contact Us form. We’d love to talk with you. Let’s take a collective leap toward a better tomorrow.