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2nd Dec

The journey continues with Wisk

Our name may be different, but our vision of delivering safe, everyday flight to the world remains the same.

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4th Oct

The future of flight starts in New Zealand

As we ready Cora for the skies - with passengers - the skies are getting ready for Cora. A new Airspace Integration Programme in New Zealand puts Cora another step closer in the quest for everyday flight.

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25th Jun

Boeing and Kitty Hawk Form Strategic Partnership

Kitty Hawk and Boeing announce a partnership to collaborate on future efforts to advance safe urban air mobility. This is exciting news for us and the future of transportation.

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22nd Jan

Opportunities at our new Atlanta office

Learn more about opportunities at our fast growing Avionics Software Verification and Validation office in Atlanta with team lead, Nate Fisher.

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27th Dec

A year gone by. 365 days of endless traffic.

After announcing Cora in 2018, we're getting closer to a world where we can free people from traffic. Find out what we'll be doing in 2019 and where we're expanding.

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15th Oct

Partnering with Air New Zealand

Almost six months ago, we introduced you to Cora — one of the world’s first electric, autonomous air taxis. It was a thrill to share our vision of a future where your life is connected by the power of everyday flight.

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