Partnering with Air New Zealand

October 15, 2018

Almost six months ago, we introduced you to Cora — one of the world’s first electric, autonomous air taxis. It was a thrill to share our vision of a future where your life is connected by the power of everyday flight. Where bumper to bumper traffic is a relic of the past, and soaring through the sky is synonymous with clean, electric power.

It was the announcement of our partnership with the government, the business community and the people of New Zealand. The beginning of our journey toward certifying Cora for everyday flying. Today, we are beyond excited to update you on our progress and announce something very special.

Cora’s Zephyr Airworks, the operator of Cora in New Zealand, is entering into an agreement with Air New Zealand –– a partnership to one day bring the first ever air taxi service to the sky. Of course, we have a long way to go, but we are incredibly excited about the potential of what we can achieve together.

Air New Zealand has been crowned the world’s best airline for five years running by With their drive to surprise and delight customers and commitment to a sustainable future, we are true kindred spirits. We are combining our expertise to shape a complete experience that takes you from app to arrival, the next step in bringing the freedom of flight to your life.

Our time in New Zealand has also empowered many other important milestones. We have achieved seven hundred flight tests globally –– a major step forward toward ensuring Cora is one of the most reliable and advanced aircraft ever to take to the sky.

We have built lasting bonds with the community. The young leaders of Ngai Tahu Iwi (a Maori tribe in New Zealand’s South Island) recently visited our headquarters in sunny California. And we have benefited from hiring incredible local talent as the Kiwi cohort on the Cora team grows.

Recently, we also celebrated the opening of our hangar in New Zealand. It was an exciting moment. The hangar will serve as our first base of operations as we grow our fleet of Coras and build toward the world’s first electric, autonomous air taxi service.

The event brought together our collaborators in government and business, as well as the local community. From Air New Zealand executives to government ministers like the Honourable Dr. Megan Woods to local school children and their families, it was a meaningful gathering of all the people who are uniting to change the way we move forever.

We were privileged enough to have Ngai Tahu bless our hangar. They led us on a procession in a timeless ceremony for invoking wellbeing and prosperity. It was one of the many priceless opportunities we have had to engage with the rich tikanga of the Māori culture.

That day was the perfect opportunity to reflect on how far we have come in just six months. We were reminded of the power of collaboration to spark invention and imagination. We were inspired to look toward the horizon and get a glimpse of the future of flight, or as we say in Māori, Te Rau Rere ki Tua. Together, we are building a world where the freedom and power of the sky connects all our lives.

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