Our Journey to Everyday Flight: A History of Firsts

September 27, 2021
For more than a decade, we’ve been designing, testing and flying 5 generations of aircraft, making Wisk an industry-recognized leader in eVTOL flight. However, we have always celebrated these milestones internally and have never publicly shared the moments that have led us to where we are. We’re changing that. Through this new video series, we’re sharing the milestones and industry-firsts that we’ve accomplished as part of our broader mission to make everyday flight a reality for everyone. We hope that you enjoy watching and to learn more about our history, visit our official timeline.

August 2016
First Piloted eVTOL Hover
Generation 3

In 2016, we flew the first piloted eVTOL hover with our 3rd generation aircraft, the product of many hours of simulation, countless ground tests, and a dedication to transforming the way we move.

August 2017
First Piloted eVTOL Transition
Generation 3

In 2017, we made the first piloted eVTOL transition with our 3rd generation aircraft. We began with a hover, transitioned to winged flight, then back to hover for landing… and the landscape of aviation was forever changed.

October 2017
First Tandem eVTOL Flight
Generation 3 & 4

In 2017, we flew our 3rd generation aircraft (piloted) and our 4th generation aircraft (autonomous) in tandem. This historic flight marked the first time that two eVTOL aircraft designed for UAM/AAM by the same company were flown simultaneously.

May 2018
First Autonomous Off-Runway Flight
Generation 4

In 2018, our 4th generation aircraft completed its first fully autonomous, off-runway flight. This flight marked a milestone in both our flight test program and our mission to make safe, everyday flight a reality.