Putting the Human into Autonomous Flight with Human Oversight

July 17, 2023

At Wisk, we’re on a mission to make safe, everyday flight a reality for everyone. We’re achieving that mission with our autonomous, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi. While our air taxis fly themselves, we haven’t removed humans from the equation entirely. 

Behind every Wisk air taxi journey is a well-trained and closely-coordinated team to help ensure safety, passenger comfort, and smooth operations. This team, combined with our self-flying air taxi, represent the Wisk ecosystem that makes autonomous flight possible. 

That team includes: 

  • The Fleet Manager: oversees aircraft operations, and ensures your air taxi is ready for your flight. They manage and track the fleet and take care of pre-departure planning, scheduling, and aircraft dispatching.
  • The Multi-vehicle Supervisor (MVS): our ground-based supervisors, the MVS coordinates with air traffic control and initiates and monitors the flight throughout its entire journey. If needed, the MVS can send direct commands to the aircraft — such as redirecting the aircraft to an alternate landing location if the original destination becomes unavailable.
  • The Hospitality Manager: assures passenger comfort throughout the flight, including responding to calls for assistance.
  • The Ground Crew: assist you with boarding, deboarding, and turning the aircraft around for the next flight.

Every time you step onto a Wisk air taxi you will have a well-trained and closely coordinated team supporting you throughout your entire journey.

To learn more about how autonomous flight will work — including an in-depth look at the human roles that make autonomous flight possible — read our Concept of Operations for Uncrewed Urban Air Mobility, jointly developed with Boeing.


Concept of Operations