Our 6th Generation Aircraft is Four Seats!

April 18, 2022

Gary Gysin Shares Exclusive Details with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes

Wisk employees sitting inside the company’s new four-seat eVTOL air taxi. Photo Credit: Wisk Aero.

At Wisk, we have one, simple mission: to deliver safe, all-electric, autonomous, everyday flight for everyone. Since 2010, we’ve been working toward that mission by designing, developing, and testing five generations of aircraft — and we’re now developing our 6th generation aircraft. We’ve done much of this work in “stealth mode,” staying out of the public eye.

However, the day in which you’ll be able to skip traffic by flying over it in an air taxi is approaching and we want the world to be ready. That’s why, in 2020, we started sharing our progress by inviting the public to join us on our leap into the future of mobility.

We recently had the opportunity to share our vision with Anderson Cooper on an episode of 60 Minutes. Watch the episode here.

During the conversation, our CEO Gary Gysin, talked with Anderson about the development of our 6th generation aircraft and answered the question that we’ve been asked the most since revealing that we’re working on a new aircraft: How many seats?

We’re ready to confirm that our 6th generation aircraft will have 4 seats! This is a change from our current, 5th generation aircraft, Cora — and there’s a reason why.

The larger seat configuration provides more space for passengers and baggage, while allowing us to ensure that we’re creating a service that is accessible for those with disabilities. In addition to these benefits, our 6th generation aircraft’s larger capacity opens the door to future use cases. Higher payloads and cabin volume will better support other applications and use cases long term.

We’re excited to share this news with the public and we look forward to revealing further details of our 6th generation aircraft later this year!