Building Trust with Regulators

November 22, 2022

The Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry is on a collective mission to transform the way we all move on a daily basis. This journey is not one that the industry can complete alone. It requires collaboration and partnership with multiple stakeholders – in particular, the governing bodies that regulate the vehicles, manufacturing, and future operations required for this industry.

Building trust with regulators and civil aviation decision-makers is a critical piece to ensuring both the near- and long-term success of advanced air mobility. When asked about the approval of new technology and operating procedures within the burgeoning advanced air mobility market, a high-ranking FAA official once stated, “Regulation moves at the speed of trust.”

At Wisk, one of our core values is Bringing People In – meaning we prioritize transparency, respect, and accountability, both internally and externally. In addition, we recognize that trust must be earned over time if we are to gain acceptance of new ideas and the necessary approvals to implement them.

From day one through the reveal of our 6th Generation air taxi – a four-seat autonomous electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi – we have understood that policymakers and regulators need to be informed on the new innovations and approaches so they could let the ideas soak in, ask questions and allay fears. More than 10 years ago, we began an information and trust-building campaign that continues today.

To build understanding and acceptance of this new aircraft, its operation, and its integration into the traditional airspace system, Wisk bases its statements on realistic projections, proven operational experience, and open dialog. From government working-level staff, to policy executives, to Congress and the White House, we welcome leaders and dignitaries from across the globe to see our product and facilities firsthand.

The public release of the Wisk ConOps, recent industry display events, and visits from the FAA, EASA and the NTSB – are just a few examples of building trust with key stakeholders.



Complimenting the regulatory efforts, the Wisk marketing, strategy and partnerships teams are also engaged with local and regional governments and communities. Aviation regulators are sensitive to the public’s perception of aviation safety and Wisk’s education efforts are aimed at supporting a positive viewpoint that demonstrates public benefit and a high level of public safety.

Autonomy and Certification

It is widely known that Wisk is the only U.S. company pursuing a self-flying first approach. We remain committed to being the first company to achieve FAA certification of an all-electric, self-flying, eVTOL air taxi for passenger use. However, while our unique approach is a strong differentiator, many have questioned whether there is a clear path to certification and the response of regulators.

With the reveal of our 6th Generation aircraft, we shared an update on our certification progress. Specifically, we have submitted our G1 and are making progress on our G2. Throughout this process – and even before – we have and continue to work hand-in-hand with the FAA in an ongoing partnership.

The positive comments we are receiving indicate that Wisk is on the right path not only for certification but in building the trust needed for the ongoing approvals of aircraft, their widespread operations, and public acceptance of a new means of aviation transportation. We are proud of these accomplishments and have confidence that our work is helping the industry and society move forward in a positive direction.