A Year Gone By. 365 Days of Endless Traffic.

December 27, 2018

Sure, babies were born, marriage vows exchanged, and we found water on Mars, but how many moments did we lose waiting to arrive?

Each year, people all over the world, on average, spend almost 276¹ hours heading to work every day. We endure those long, agonizing 16,560² minutes:

    1. Spilling lukewarm coffee on ourselves.
    2. Zoning out to the sweet lullaby of our favorite podcasts.
    3. Staring at our GPS as the destination time grows exponentially.

Arrival time forever - Cora

But not all our time was wasted. This year we also saw a growing movement to change the way the world moves:

  1. 18 million³ shared bicycles pedaled circles around the crowded intersections of the world.
  2. Over 20 million⁴ fun, fast rides have been taken on electric scooters.
  3. And after 8 years toiling away under a veil of secrecy, we pulled back the curtain to reveal our hope for a traffic-less future –– Cora.

Cora evolution

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, sort of.

A helicopter’s single rotor will have nothing on Cora’s 12 independent rotors that lift it straight into the air.

Cora boasts a 180 km/h cruising speed that would make a Tesla jealous.

And everyone knows that three processors are better than one. That’s why you’ll be able to trust our super reliable, hyper-intelligent triple-redundant flight computer.


Cora Triple Redundant Flight Computer

Cora will be your ultimate shortcut. Just like the crow flies, Cora will be your quickest path from A to B. One day, we believe you’ll be able to say goodbye to hours spent clenching the steering wheel and say hello to a minutes-long commute in the clouds.

You could spend those quick, blissful seconds:

  1. Reading that long text your mom sent.
  2. Unsubscribing from those endless marketing emails.
  3. Lying back, closing your eyes, and taking a power nap.

And we’ve been busy ensuring that the future will come sooner than you think. This year we:

Not to rest on our laurels, we are also preparing to open a new software development base in Atlanta in early 2019. So if you call the ATL home and you nerd out about verification and validation, check out our jobs page and drop us a line.

Our New Year’s Resolution is to work harder than ever to bring the power of everyday flight to your life. More agreements. More strides toward bringing Cora to a city near you. And of course –– less time spent waiting to arrive.

It goes without saying that it will be a long journey, and we won’t get there overnight, but with the debut of Cora and our work in New Zealand, we are closer than ever. So next year, while you waste away bumper to bumper, think of everything you could be doing with those extra 276 hours⁵.

Follow the journey towards everyday flight on Facebook on our Cora page #meetcora.

Follow Cora on a journey to a world free from traffic

Follow Cora on a journey to a world free from traffic


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